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Bubble Football, Bubble Sumo and Bubble Relay!

If we could put the effects of physical activities in a pill we would and it might sell in the market, however, we will be missing all the fun of doing these activities. Nowadays, company gathering is very common to be held outside the company’s perimeter. We all deserve a break or maybe a reward for a job well done. One of these rewards is to set a company outing or retreat. Would it be more fun if it is filled with activities? Activities that will strengthen the bonds and competitiveness of employees. Activities that are fun filled, exciting, and involving. Team building activities are very common for these events, but what sorts of activities? Here in vKirirom, aside from other team building activities which are popular such as dancing games, egg relays, centipede race, blind snake and many others, we also have unique activities called Bubble Football, Bubble Sumo, and Bubble Relay.



What are these unique activities?

Bubble football actually originated in Norway. It was invented in 2011 as a joke by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden not knowing that it would become popular around the world as a new sport and that they would put up a foundation for this sport.
We have these bubbles here in vKirirom Pine Resort and a first in Cambodia and we would like to introduce it to everyone. As far as the rules for this game it applies the same rules as the normal football does. Though, this game requires good physical endurance this is crazy and fun filled. It might look dangerous but it is actually safe. Bumping with each other is not a problem, you’ll be cushioned by the bubble. We have asked our participants after they played the game and majority of them thought that it was difficult to play but after they’ve tried it they said that it was so much fun and that they would try the game again.
Bubble Sumo is played like the real sumo wrestling only you are in the bubble. This game will not hurt you. Trust me I’ve tried it and all I did was laugh. Imagine yourself bouncing around. Another fun and exciting game to try is the bubble relay. This game is with a twist, you just don’t run wearing the bubble but you can also stop your opponent from advancing and overtaking you. How? It’s up to you.
These very unique activities are not only for team building activities but are also available for families or anyone who wants to try them. We provide the equipment and you bring your team and opponents.
Come and experience this first and unique activity in Cambodia only here at vKirirom Pine Resort.


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