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Virtual Company – Richer Working Experience

How can students gain enough skills and exposures before they leave the learning room and embark in initializing their career? People often discuss and ponder on this topic and try to device a solution to this question. And then, came a suitable answer – a program wherein students can hone their skills and get working experience in their fields of studies before they go and enter the real workplace. The Internship or the On-the-Job Training.


And we still ask ourselves, “That’s it?” – of course not!


Several institutes, universities and even the ministry of education would contemplate on this and try to optimize it so that students can get the best out of it.


We, at KIT (Kirirom Institute of Technology), have also researched about internship and implemented a special internship system within the institute and we would like to introduce you to our special internship system called ‘Virtual Company’.


What is Internship?


According to, Internship is defined as;


  • A structured work experience related to a student’s major and/or career goal
  • An experience that should enhance a student’s academic, career, and personal development
  • Supervised by a professional in the field
  • An experience that can be one academic term (summer, spring, fall) or multiple academic terms in


  • Paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time
  • An experience that is mutually agreed upon by the student, supervisor and/or faculty member
  • Meets registration requirements for 0 credit hour or academic internship course
  • It’s important to note that to qualify as an internship the position does not have to be labeled

“internship”. Many part time jobs, volunteer opportunities, or even summer jobs can qualify as an

internship. Internships might also be called a practicum or co-op.






What is Virtual Company?


Continuing from the question above, what kind of working experience students require? This question is the main object that we based on and researched to find solution. And finally, we adopt the concept of virtual reality and running the real company to help students get the best and essential skills and experience.


Virtual company is a concept wherein group of students or a team would come together and discuss and establish their first (virtual) company. The founded company would then become a specialized company


based on the team members’ skills or field of study. Eventually, they will start accepting project or jobs from clients and carry them out to meet the requirements and expectations. The outcomes from this virtual company proves to be efficient in providing better experience for students.




KIT currently has 5 virtual companies up and running and their results surpassed our expectations.

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What are the benefits of Virtual Company?


  1. Internship


The main goal of our concept is to provide working experience to students through internship where they can work with professionals and receive valuable guidance and motivations while keeping the main concept at the same time. Students are still provided with different and better experience.




  1. Knowing the INs and OUTs


From founding the company to accounting to reporting, role assigning and task distribution, this virtual company concept emulates most processes a real company does and thus giving even more real experience to students. We rely on this powerful effect to help students grow in a quicker rate and understand the structure and processes done in a company.




  1. Leadership skills


Leadership exist in all of us, and we have to bring them out when needed. Our concept helps in the process of bringing out the leading potential of our students. High potential students will be assign as team leaders or the company’s president. They will be appointed with tasks and lead their company to flourish and later on, they will encourage and motivate other team members and thus drawing out their latent leadership potential thus making it a repeated cycle where everyone benefits from everyone.




  1. Management skills


Success is not without issues and without bumping into one. There are no shortcuts to success. Only through perseverance, patience, and will power would one overcome the ordeals. Likewise, problems and issues always occur in any working environment, and thus making our students focus on this point so that they can better manage their company and if they run into one, they would flawlessly solve it.




  1. Communication skills


Our concept also includes recruitment where existing companies can recruit freshmen and expand their domain. Outsourcing is also adapted wherein companies can send their members to other companies. In this manner, everyone will develop better communication and joint projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.




  1. Rich Resume’ value


Last but not least, we also provide richer resume’ for our students.


What do you think?




If you want to know more about our Virtual Company, please visit our KIT website –



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