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Staff Annual Gathering and Party

On the 14th of July 2016, A2A Town Cambodia held its Annual Staff Party and the first search for Mr&Ms vKirirom in vKirirom Pine Resort. The company invited all the staff together with all students of Kirirom Institute of Technology. It was an excellent and fun night. The night was formally opened by Mr. Takeshi, president of A2A. The event proceeded with the awarding of certificates to the exemplary employees from each department. The night also showcased projection mapping display from KIT’s EDM team.  The night was hosted by Mr. Ti, Ms. Sreypich and Mr. Brian.

After the awarding of the certificates to these hardworking individuals, the night moved on to the much awaited search for Mr&Ms vKirirom 2016.


 Mr. Takeshi opening the night which was followed by the annual dinner.



The president of A2A awarding the certificate of appreciation to Ms. Bot Sarom of the Pine View Restaurant. Ms. Sarom is a hardworking restaurant staff and she says the she’s very happy to be working here in vKirirom Pine Resort.



Mr. Sor Sokha, from M & E department also received a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Takeshi. According to him, he enjoys living here and working here so much. He said that he will continue to work hard for the resort.



 Mr. Chan Vuthy, from construction  department also received this token of appreciation



as well as Mr Sem Voeum from construction  Department, He said that he will continue to work hard and support the company. He urges everyone to work hard also and aim for this excellent appreciation.



Mr. Nheb Van Chomnan from the Pine View Kitchen was surprised when his name was called to receive this certificate of appreciation.


Two outstanding students from KIT also received this certificate of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.


Miss Kong Sreyneth, from the second year was speechless when her name was announced.



From the Freshmen year, Mr. Sok Sereiponna receiving his award from Mr. Takeshi. He encourages all students to study and work harder and look forward for this award next year.


The introduction of the candidates for Mr&Ms vKirirom. The aim of this search is to find suitable individuals; a male and a female to represent vKirirom Pine Resort through promotions and other means of reaching out to the public and inform them about the resort. A pair from each department were selected through voting.

From KIT First Year


KIT Second Year


From vKirirom Pine Resort


From A2A Phnom Penh


From A2A Kirirom




The candidates from left to right. A2A Kirirom, Mr. Sor Phirun and Ms. Sitha, KIT 2nd Year, Mr. Heng Visal and Ms. Meung Rina, from A2A Phnom Penh, Ms. Pang Livyee and Mr. Tang SokLeang, from Pine View Restaurant, Mr. Nheb Van Chomnan and Ms. Srey On and from KIT 1st Year,  Ms. Lay Seaklim and Mr. Tan Vengtry.


The competition consists of three rounds. The first round is the showcase of their ability to; the ladies peel and cut a pineapple with chef’s standard and the gents, wood cutting using a saw.

Each candidate needs to peel and cut the pineapple within 7 minutes.


The gentlemen need to cut the wood within 7 minutes. The maximum point for this round is 50.


Round 2 is the IQ test: each candidate answers 3 IQ questions from easy to medium to hard. Each correct answer is 10 points.


The third round is the formal wear wherein the candidates will showcase their formal wear.


After the evening wear the competition proceeded with the question and answer. The questions were; 1. Why should you be chosen as the winner for this completion? 2. What can you say about our vKirirom Pine Resort?

The KIT Music Club also performed during the event with Mr. Ratana on the keyboard, Mr. Phanna on guitar and Mr. Nun Sophanon and Mr. Sum Sopha on Vocals.


Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the announcement of tonight’s search.

And the Mr&Ms vKirirom 2016 goes to…


Mr Tan VengTry from KIT first year and Ms. Pang Livyee from A2A Phnom Penh office!

After the announcement of winners, everyone gathered around for picture taking cheering and more chanting. The evening ended with drinks, food, chats and the finale of the night, the DANCING. See you all next year!







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