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Thrilling and Exciting, Dancing Ball Toss Game

Vkirirom present you a new thrilling activity.

Come and join us at vKirirom pine resort and try our new game called Dancing Ball Toss. Come and play with your team or your family where in this game will challenge the swiftness and cooperative in a team.


Dancing Ball Toss is a team game where you need to play in team of 7 or more. This game came in a package of which vKirirom Pine Resort offer. Contact for more information.

Of course, if your team isn’t enough, our program will team you up with spare member or team you up with another customer. So you can play without worrying about anything.

The concept of the game is similar to the game called traffic light game where Red light is shouted, you have to stop and if Green light is shouted, you can run again. It’s the game which you have to follow the command and executed it skillfully.

Though, this game shares the same concept, it is different from Traffic light game. As of which it has the motive to test the swiftness of each member to execute the command, the courage of every member to dance in front of stranger and people, and lastly cooperative in a team where how uniformly your performance is.

Inside the Game

This game is simple to play. You need to be aware of few things in the game.

First, there is a poll with a basket on the top. Your goal is to fill this basket as much as ball before the time limit.

Second, colorful ball which are scattered here and there around the basket poll.

Third, Dance Area. This are the designated area marked by our staff which indicated where you need to dance.

Fourth, Music. In this game, we will use music as command instead to tell which player has to do. The music is divided into two type which is playing music, and dancing music.

Lastly, Time limit. Remember that this game is only played for 2 minutes per team.

How to Play

Since we have got the basic down, so let’s play!

First of all, Player will have to hear instruction from the game master! He will explained the basic of the game and how to play them.

Second, Player will be told to stand inside the Dance Area to wait for the command or signal.

Third, the Playing Music will play first as a signal, and then Player will run to the Poll.

Fourth, Players will grab the ball and throw it in the basket from below.

Fifth, Beware of the Music! When Dancing Music is played, Players has to run back to the Dance Area and dance to everyone.

(Noted : Playing Music and Dancing Music will interchange each other randomly to startle player and surprise them.)

Sixth, Player has to complete both things which are filling the basket and dancing whenever the corresponding Music play!

Seventh, Time Limit 2 minutes will run out when the siren is released. And that marks the end of the game. Game Master and staff and gather and give score according to the number of ball in the basket and player dance score.

Remember that each team will turn to play and the result from the game play will decide the winner.

Rule of the game

The objective of the game is to fill the basket with ball and Dancing.

Filling the basket will Ball

  • Player has to use the ball that staff and game master prepare
  • Player has to throw or toss the ball into the basket
  • Player cannot touch the poll. If seen touched, player will be disqualified
  • Player take the poll down. If seen touched, player will be disqualified
  • Player can use any mean to toss the ball such as piggy back ride or throw ball in large amount at once.
  • Player cannot throw the ball from the Dance Area
  • Once the Music is switched, Player has to drop the ball in hand.


  • Slow respond to the changing Music will result in mark deduction.
  • Uniform dance give more mark
  • Player has to dance inside the Dance Area and turned face to the crowd.
  • Messy dance will give low mark instead.

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