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Jungle Trekking for Discovering More of Beautiful Kirirom Mountain


Hat, sport shoes,  backpack,  and now what’s left?

sounds of birds and beautiful sunshine in the morning are becoming an opening to start this beautiful day. It’s 9 am and after having breakfast, now it’s time to come together in receptionist as our checkpoint to start what we need to do. For you who love jungle trekking, long destination and also hiking will be we see this morning.


Trekking is a good way to see more than temple in Cambodia. Cambodia has many national parks and do jungle trekking is one thing you need to do when you visit Cambodia. Kirirom National Park will be our destination for this jungle trekking. From vkirirom pine resort to the place for jungle trekking it takes minimum 2 hours long, depend from how far forest you want to discover. So prepare everything you need before we start.

After had breakfast today, now it’s time to have next schedule to visit place for trekking today. Discover something new in the forest and enjoy nature is most wanted for you who loved jungle trekking. Yes, now we will discover forest for jungle trekking, are you ready for this?


For you who first time to do jungle trekking, you will feel so tired for this long destination. Because for this destination will takes more than 2 hours from start until place we will take for jungle trekking. So that’s why have to have breakfast first before do jungle trekking. As we know that breakfast has many goodness for us, so our mom is right, eat breakfast is important. When we have to study, it will be good for our brain to learn more knowledge and if we will do jungle trekking, we need more energy and that’s good for us before explore Kirirom Mountain. Cant you imagine by forgetting breakfast then you get fainted in the middle of your journey ?

The journey for jungle trekking is more interesting if we can do with group, so it could be family or our community friends who like trekking. More people join this, better for journeys.


After everything is prepared now it’s the time. there will be our guider that will show us the way to guide our journey so don’t be afraid if you are lost in the street  forest and be careful for footstep we will through, especially if we do this when rainy season. If we are not careful, you will get slip on it. Using comfortable shoes is needed to do jungle trekking, so pick your best shoes to do this adventure.


Besides to have more experience while you’re doing jungle trekking and see beautiful nature of Kirirom Mountain, this adventure also good to add more your photo collection in nature category. So prepare your camera or smartphone to capture every beautiful moment inside the forest just like beautiful landscape, unique insect and beautiful waterfall in the end of journey .  Prepare also enough mineral water as long as this journey for your need.  And don’t forget to share your beautiful picture of this journey on instagram and tag it to us.


This place not only for trekking but if you want to biking you can set your time for this. Last but not least, enjoy jungle trekking for the beautiful of Kirirom Mountain.


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