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Create Togetherness with Family (Jasmine Hills Type R)

Are you still confused to choose your family home that you can had more time to spend with your family? When weekend and holiday is coming, some families want their time to spend together and enjoy their destination place they want to go. Unfortunately, they have no choice to  stay for long time with their private – precious time and they has no place to stay.


Available now Jasmine Hills (Type R) in vKirirom which has a build up area of 36sq meters. This holiday home is perfect for you a couple or small family who want a private retreat away from city and have your time together. Why not to take your time after whole busy days at the office and spend it with family and enjoy fresh air in top of Kirirom Mountain?

Have a good conversation or celebrate party with family in the night, Jasmine Hills offers fresh outdoor environment for 180sq private garden. So this is good place if you who want to spend your night-life together with your family. Barbeque party, friends reunion, or just little talk could be better to fill your night time and our sight still enjoy fresh of green trees that could calming our mind.


A pleasure for you who want to spend your time with family in top of Kirirom Mountain which offer good landscape of nature and also fresh air. Start your beautiful morning with some exercise to run around hills and take a deep breath of fresh water with listen to tweet of birds that fly away and hide around tree. And also you can continue to open your last-page book that you’re waiting for when you have no time to do it before. With a cup of coffee (or tea) and great book you already list as must-finish books to read this week, re-charge your brain nutrition and enjoy it with calm air that you never found in the city.


Spend time with beloved one will be answer when we stuck from some problems. Especially if we have happy story to share. Some research shows that best time to share stories(bad or good) for our husband/wife is dinner time. When you enjoy this, your dinner will become more valuable and some problems you need to face also can be told here. Some of us who already had children, from this table (called : dinner) is better time to give your advice to your children to be a better son/daughter, or ask simple thing like “how was day going?”.  Difference when you tell some problems to your family in bad time, it will become bad things to you but, dinner time will always be best time to share happiness with family.

dining room form Jasmine Hills created modern and be witness for your precious story with family.

dining room form Jasmine Hills created modern and be witness for your precious time with family.

Jasmine Hills with 36sq meters, with 1 bedroom, bathroom, car park and private garden has some advantages for couple or small families who prefer this house than bigger house.

Gadget, Please…

It’s always be big problem when technology beat human. Technology help people to do faster then our task finished faster and better but what happened when it happened opposite? Just like dead city, no communication. I mean personal communication between man to man. When we want to speak to our children, they still want to play their smartphone, iPad or other gadget. Make your own rule for your better family, maybe we can advice to our children when you know best time to talk, but yes dinner will be fine, “is that okay if we just play smartphone 1 hour a day?” or “could you tell me story about this book” “what cake do you want to make tomorrow ? let make list what need to buy” or other things, you have a key.

Small house always has good connection to communicate between one person to other person. Between husband and wife, between parents and children.

Less Expensive

no doubt

Easy to Clean

We can save more money to not call house keeping to clean our house. And also if you want to decorate your house, it’s less decorating.

Buy Only What You Want Need

“70% off, only for 3 days” “Special offer only for today”

Sometimes when we go to department store and saw many discounts, but we don’t really need we just buy it. And try to convince ourself, ok we don’t need it now but maybe later. And we don’t know exactly when is later, because actually we don’t need it.

With buy to much stuffs that we don’t need now and we realize our house is not-that-so-big, buy what we need only is important and also we can calculate to spend our money more efficiently.

Ask yourself,

have you bought what you need only?


Site Plan for Jasmine Hills (Type R)

Make sure you already contact our sales for more information how many units left, because this type only available for 84 units. So, grab it fast.

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