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8 Reasons Why Massage is Great for Your Health

When you think about the word “massage”, what image comes into your mind?

Lots of meetings we attend, bunch of customers we always good serve, and many work to do everyday, always make us feel tired and need time to stop for a moment from all those things. It’s not only our mind that feels tired when we have to face problems again and again at the office but we feel tired to our body too. Yes, It’s connected. As simple as says, when we have less problem, we don’t have to think about it and there’s no (big) impact for it and especially to our healthy.

Having a good massage is good for your health. Is that true ?

– It is true. But I can’t say it’s 100% true. But it depends on what we consume every day. Let me say if you eat unhealthy food, less exercise, less water, less high vitamins (fruits, vegetables)  but you expected to do massage to make yourself healthier, you’re completely wrong. What we consume every day is basic things to make us healthier, but massage still needed.

But do you know if we always  have good massage it could reduce our daily pain?

When professional massage therapist do massage to you, you may feel very relaxed and comfortable. As time goes by, when our body feels tired before and then it turn better. But why ? There’s 2 kind benefits for massage, first from physical and psychology. So let see from physic first.

  1. Massage is good to improve our blood circulation.


With good circulation, blood bring good substances to all body. And not only that, blood also has other function to our body, that is to bring oxygen to all part of our body.

  1. When many daily activities, massage good to reduce our muscle tension

Always happened everyday when we solved works at office. When we sit too long, it makes our muscle tension higher than before. Sit too long is not good, so that’s why sometimes we do little massage to our shoulder. Not only that, after we did some exercise, we need massage too. It’s good to release cramps after it and good to end your back pain.

  1. Hormone Endorphins is produced after massage

When you feel relax and so comfortable after massage, one hormone from our body is being produced. So that’s why you could feel this, this is the function of Hormone Endorphins. Especially if we do massage before sleep, we will get fresh for next day. Endorphins from means small neuropeptides that produced by the body and act to reduce pain.

  1. Control Blood Pressure and Reduce Hypertension

So, when the last time you check blood pressure to your doctor ? Is that high, low, or normal blood pressure ? Normal blood pressure is around 120/80 if yours is higher than 140/90, you can get appointment to massage by date.

  1. Increase your Brain Capability

As always happened after massage, your body is getting fresh and ready to work tomorrow. All your to do list is ready to be checked because pain is gone.

  1. Good for your Lung and Stomach


Important part of our body that is seat for heart and lungs is chest. That’s two part of our body the most vital organs for stay alive. Some of us just ignore that health of this main organs do bad habit just like smoking that could make new disease. When we do massage around chest, it could make better for our breathing. And how about stomach ? If you have problems about digestion, massage around this area could help our digestion better.

  1. Make your skin healthier

Maybe this part is most likeable part for woman. Yes, blood cycle and useless substance is taken out by sweat. So your skin look healthier than before.

  1. It could dissolving fat

weight lsos

Are you on diet ? or do you want to say goodbye to your fat ? Massage also could help to set your ideal weight, do this continue. When you have massage,  But this is just one factor from many factors. Consider many things that good for your health from inside until outside.

So that’s benefits from physical’s side. And how about psychology’s side ? Some research found that massage is really good to reduce our stress. After massage, we can feel relax and also get fresh.

Types of Massage

There are many types of massage from all around the world. Every country has their own style of massage. So If you love massage and visit each country, try it and see the difference between them. If you’re visiting vKirirom Pine Resort in Cambodia, you may try these massage :

  1. Aroma Oil Massage

Giving you aromatherapy oils that energizing, balancing, relaxing, and also stress-reducing, this is most popular massage that many countries in the world has this. Oil massage help to decrease our muscle pain.

  1. Traditional Khmer Massage

Khmer in English means Cambodia / Cambodian and so popular in Cambodia. With no oil, this dry massage is focused to some point to increase our blood cycle. Khmer massage involves very little stretching at all and having a soothing back, leg, neck.

Khmer Massage

Khmer Massage

  1. Herbal Massage

This massage is mixing about herbal and warm stones if you brave enough to feel this hot massage.

  1.   Four Hands Traditional Khmer Massage

2 hands isn’t enough ? Try 4 hands for massage and feel the sensation. And this picture will give you more detail about price that available at vKirirom Pine Resort.

Massage Service

Massage Service


  1. 4 Hands Aroma Oil Massage

Giving you more than enough, 4 hands aroma oil massage will offer you more than like normal massage.


Everybody loves massage, especially baby.


People now from adult to baby, love to do massage. And baby massage now is also popular. Baby massage is good to stimulating their central nervous system and it’s also better if massage therapist is someone who close with baby, it could be their family or mom because it’s good to make good bonding when they are still baby. Set your time to giving a massage for baby is as simple as enjoyable. Before you do this, make sure you take off your ring and jewelry.

Benefits of Honey


Drink a cup of tea after massage is good to make our body fresh than before and also if we mix it with sugar honey. Besides for weight loss, honey also has many benefits for our health. It has anti – bacterial and also use as natural antiseptic for medicine.

Last Notice

Some problems also found when we want to do massage. Different types of oil massage and lotion could make us allergy. So make sure you know your skin condition or do consultation to doctor before massage.  And also for massage, ideal time is once a month, but it all will depend from your need.

As this condition , no doubt to do massage from different kind of age when we know benefits already. We do believe that healthy lifestyle is the best invest for our life.

So, where you will set your massage appointment for this weekend ?

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