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With KIT, Sales Management Made it Simple

Controlling and managing sales of medium to large enterprises is not an easy task. Keeping track of sales prospect and sales profit has always been a challenging task for sales manager. These tasks are time consuming, complicated and prone to making mistakes due to the amount of paperwork that comes along. Handling sales management manually can lead to work stress, money loses, messy environment and eventually the loss of market shares.

Usually for SMEs, computerized approaches to sales management are ineffectively utilized. This includes Microsoft Office Application such as Excel, Word, and Access, and other custom software. These tools still lack several properties that take advantage of the web technology advancements, such as security, central or online processing, and allowing for the communication between users. Furthermore, working with this kind of systems usually require extensive background and training to properly and accurately cope up with sales management data.

In relatively large enterprises, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) systems, such as SAP, are commonly known for their management capabilities and the integration of different business activities. However, they are mostly expensive and they often need much development and customization effort to comply with a certain business workflow.

Kirirom Institute of Technology, as part of its internship program, realizes the need for maximizing the use of available technologies to efficiently automate the sales management process of different ventures.
After taking into account the major business software criteria, including reliability, usability, flexibility, maintainability, security and cost, an open source ERP system has been shortlisted named Odoo (previously OpenERP).

Odoo provides a clear and precise system that helps Sales Managers better in controlling the sales. Odoo can track leads and prospects better, increase communication between sales team, and provide online processing. It also includes making use of the Web interface and database which made it possible to access through the company’s database anywhere in the world. This project will completely reduce the mountain loads of paper works. Employees working in sales department can kiss good bye to their usual excel sheet and paper reports.




This project began on 9th December 2015 with three team members along with the project leader. As a matter of fact, this internship project was meant to help and implement ERP system to one of KIT’s client – A2A Town Cambodia.

Odoo Sales Management Project’s main purpose is to implement Sales Module of ERP system into the company to make use of the functions beneficial to the company. According to Odoo Sales management team member’s experience, Leads and prospect tracking are much more refined in Odoo compare to other software. Therefore, they are trying to make full use of this aspect. Customer sub-module provides a clear and concise interface which is easy for them to make use of those information to identify and track potential customer. Quotation and sales order made it simple for customer as well as user to work with.

Right now, the internship project is in its final stages, and has received good reviews from the client side. According to team members, this project first started off with vague plan and unclear goals which made them skeptical and adamant.

With the clear direction and good leadership from Mr. Osama, the project leader, Odoo Sales Management System team was able to run smoothly. Along with the process of gathering information, information analyzing, requirement identifying, and finalizing the requirement. Issues kept popping up and slowed down the progress of the team.

It takes time and deep understanding to perform all of these arduous task and solve the issues. With the team’s strong commitment and hard work, they were able to identify the issues and rectify them. This affirms that the sophomore students are capable and ready to take the challenges.

Lastly, Odoo Sales Management Team said that they can’t wait for the completion of their project. They are looking forward to it and felt strong anticipation for it as well. Because it will be their first completed project.

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