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Holiday Home, Orchid Hill (Type A)

Now launching the Property Holiday Homes numbering about 127 units and luxury holiday villa land with 38 plots. vKirirom will see the commencement of several residential holiday homes from 1 story to 2/3 story designs.


Orchid Hill Type A

Luxury family holiday homes for the privileged person. These luxury homes have a generous build up area of 110 sq. meters, which are perfect for couples or families wanting a private space for everyone.

Interior Design & Designer Concept


Visualized Kitchen Area

The whole concept behind this picture it to create a modern kitchen environment. With the usage of minimum space and high tech equipment, we pursue to bring your dream kitchen into reality.


Visualized Living Room

Ideally a place to spend your Saturday night with your whole family watching favorite show, or perhaps the place that gave you calming and secure feeling. With the concept of lighting and shading, we pursue the idea of making your living room a wonderful place.


Visualized Roof Top Sky Bar

Perhaps, you would want to have a quiet place to relax and enjoy the nature, or perhaps you would want to have big party in wide space. Introducing the concept of Sky Bar where you have big party of the top of your roof. We sought the design that bring the best of your ideal and nature.


Visualized Master Room

A cozy and comfortable place to rest your body and mind. Using the minimum of space, we created a bedroom that is suited for you. You will find it a wonderful place to sleep at night. With multiple windows, we ensure the lighting and shading of the room so that it fit to be a cozy bedroom.

Type A (ORCHID HILLS) Blueprint

Base Ground Blueprint

This is the blueprint of the base ground of Type A.

First Flood

This is the blueprint of the First Floor of Type A.

Roof Floor

This is the blueprint of the Roof of Type A.

If you want to know more? Please go to this Website.

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