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Introducing : Mini Drone’s Jumping Sumo Dancing

Last December, Drone Programming Internship Team (Tam, Dachet and Sothea), the second year students from Kirirom Institue of Technology (KIT) started to do a project called “Mini Drone’s jumping sumo dancing” under the guidance of KIT IT lecturer Mr.Vicheka.


Drone Programming Internship Team

As we know in this Era of Information and Technology, everything’s going fast, changing, and updating. We can take this as both opportunities or problems.  We took this as opportunities, putting efforts into this project. 


Which one is yours ?

Special feature of this 2 wheels drone is that, it can move in all directions. This mini drone called Jumping Sumo can move and dance. Our team set drone’s program to dance for song which lasts around 2-3 minutes long.  This drone has availability of 3 songs, we are still in progress to finish second song.

The image below is more details about mini drone.

Jumping Sumo Specifications2


Also check this out for Jumping Sumo Dancing Trailer :


“This Dancing Drone project is first time in Cambodia, we create it at Kirirom Institute of Technology and still found no information other institute or companies that create dancing drone in Cambodia. We want many people know about KIT and also students can do this. We also create other project called Rolling Spider but still on progress.” said Mr. Vicheka, IT Lecturer


Besides dancing drone, This team also make new project called Rolling Spider (under construction)




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