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Play Struck Out and Get $300


Family is one of the most important things in your life and it can’t be changed to any other else. When you are having difficulties in your life, or finding happiness, they will be always your side and be your home. As we are busy, it is hard to go on a vacation every weekend with your family to share wonderful moments together.

If you decide to stay your precious weekend with your family at vkirirom pine resort, you may see lots of beautiful nature. This is because vKirirom pine resort is located on a top of the Kirirom Mountain. The weather is cooler than any other cities in Cambodia. In city. there are many pollutions, hot and too loud and this is such a good time to enjoy sound of bird and calm our mind and our body from complexity problem. Do you still remember when the last time you hear sound of bird in the morning and when you wake up you enjoy your time to fill with fresh mind?

If you want to around this mountain but you didn’t bring bicycle, we have bike to rent by contact to our receptionist. With that you can bike around hills. And there’s also Treasure Hunt (it need more than 20 people to join because you have to solve this code mystery from place to other place), Bubble Soccer (play soccer with with big bubble) and new one is Struck Out.

What’s that?

struck out 5


From all games and sport that you could play in vkirirom, only this game that offer you $300 when you already complete it. It takes $2.5 for once play this game.

There’s 3 person who want to play this game. Man, woman and children. There’s nine board you have to hit, each person have 12 balls. So you have a chance to hit it until 12 times until all boards fall. There’s 9 boards you need to hit and this is rule for this game :

struck out 3 struck out 4





For man, you have to not entrance red line and it’s about 18 meters from board that we already make and throw balls to that boards. That different with woman and children. Distance for woman is 15 meters and 10 meters for children (below 10 years).

If you’re not hit all boards down, you won’t get $300. But don’t worry. There’s also gift for you who already hit boards. When you hit around 0-3 boards, you will get 4 candies and if your reach 4 – 6 boards, let’s have 1 soft drink. Eat desert for one time in restaurant will be yours if you could hit 7 and 8 boards.


This video will show you how to play Struck out at vKirirom :


Wanna try ?









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