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Explore Fresh Strawberry at Organic Farm

Some people says that Health body comes from good mind and healthy food. Do you believe with that ?

Who doesn’t want to have healthy body ?

As we know in this time, when everything going fast, some of us don’t really care about our health. When we back from office and we found huge traffic, most of us want all instantly just like eat fast food, high calories, caffeine and many things that bad for our body and yes we don’t want to think carefully what the effect if we consume this unhealthy food for continues.

organic farm 3

We forget that our body need more water and also one important thing is fruit. This is for balancing our nutrition for our body.

organic farm 2

customers can visit strawberry organic farm from 8am – 5 pm


Being healthy is important, so that’s why eat more fruit is good for our body. Especially strawberry. This fruit has Vitamin C and antioxidant that good to eat every time and there’s many ways to enjoy this fruit just like juice, salad, and also infused water. This is amazing way for woman (or man) that want to have diet, because by eat more fruit to replace rice/bread/noddles as our daily meals, we can lose our weight and more than that, we can get healthy body.


So that’s why we plant strawberry in organic farm because this fruit has many goodness and also can grow up in this land of kirirom mountain. This farm is located near pipe room and our customer can visit this organic farm from 8 am – 5 pm, but you need to pay if you want to try this fruit. We will plant more for dragon fruit, grape, tea and moringa.

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