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Taste of Mango Salad Smoke Fish

Sour and sweet, that is the first thing to remember when we try this Mango Salad Smoke Fish.

This food is mixed salad between mango, carrot, red chili, chilantro, shallot, spring onion with spicy chili dressing and also flavored by flake of smoked fish. We’d like to recommend this delicious food if you come for weekdays or weekend.


Mango Salad Smoke Fish

But this is only available for lunch and dinner time only, so if you want to try this in the morning you might not get what you want. This sour taste is so famous for Cambodian people, and you can try this food in vKirirom Pine Resort, resort located on top of Kirirom mountain in Cambodia and you can enjoy unique accommodation called Pipe Room and also Cambodian Fish Amok, other delicious food in this resort.


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