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What is Treasure Hunting Game?

There’s many popular game to play, one of them is called Treasure Hunting. This game is good to build our team-work because lot of case need to solved. For one team, there’s between 10-18 persons and this is kind of interesting game. So we need many people to come and join this game.

The best moment if you want to try this game is in the morning until afternoon,but earlier morning is better, then you can spend more time for this game. But it takes not more than 2 hours to play. Family, friends, or office’s friend can be join for this interesting game.

Ready to play ? 


Scrool down to more detail…..



map of hunting treasure in vKirirom Pine Resort


Before you started this game, you have to had map to find where’s the treasure. If your team don’t have it, you might be lost. It’s map will be guide you to the next step. If you already come to first check-point, you can continue to the next steps. Need collaboration with your team to win this game. We need to work-hard and think harder to solves this case.

In vkiriom pine resort, we’re have huge land in mountain with beautiful nature and it can be interesting one if you play in this resort. Not only for playing game, but also you can enjoy fresh air


map of hunting treasure in vKirirom Pine Resort

If you can face steps every check-point, you can get clue to open the mystery box and it all has to be matched. When you can’t solve every check-point test, you might not get clues to open mystery box. The one who win this game is they who can run faster, work harder and think smarter.  


finally, mystery box.



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