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Our Chef’s No.1 Recommendation: Fish Amok

Hello everyone,

How are you doing all? vKirirom just started writing a blog. We’ll share irreplaceable experiences and moments here. If you enjoy our contents, feel free to subscribe to our blog!

So, today for the very first post, we would like to share one of the most delicious food in our restaurant; that is Fish Amok. It is known as a classic Khmer dish, and usually steamed and served in a banana leaf with a coconut cream on top. Once you are in Cambodia, you must try this or else you can’t say you visited to Cambodia!

cambodian fish amok

Fish Amok in Pine View Restaurant vKirirom

How’s that? Are you hungry yet?  Come to our resort to enjoy this Fish Amok! Our resort is 2 hours away from Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia.


Khmer Cooking Lessons for our Japanese Customers 

For people who would like to know the recipe of Fish Amok, we also offer Khmer food cooking lessons. Our chief gives you a detailed instruction and so far, many foreigners has experienced cooking Khmer food here in vKirirom Pine View Kitchen.

Have a wonderful day!


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